Jared Splits Adriano

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Let’s hope Jared never tries to take up poker because that handsome face of his would betray him whenever he has a good hand – he’s be smiling from ear to ear and clearly giddy and ecstatic.

That’s precisely the expression Jared has on his face at the outset of the action here, because he knows he’s getting to take a turn on Adriano’s tight hole. Jared’s been all about Adriano from the moment they met, and only ended up more drawn to and turned on by Adriano after their first pairing, where Adriano buried his big dick in Jared’s hole and drilled him silly.

Jared’s thrilled by the opportunity to return the favor here, and never doubted for a moment he’d love every bit of pounding Adriano. If Adriano had any doubts about whether he’d enjoy taking on Jared’s big dick, those were eliminated the instant Jared’s tongue touches his hole. Jared knows exactly how to get Adriano primed and ready, and burying his tongue in Adriano’s hole makes Adriano jump and writhe and gasp and moan until he needed to feel Jared’s dick sliding in to him.