X Ray – Tom Bentley and Legrand Wolf

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Wolf picks up the speed of his thrusts. Tom stares at the screen with a mixture of fascination, disbelief, and extreme horniness as he watches his organs being well-and-truly rearranged. The grainy image is almost hypnotic. The two men suddenly become a single, utterly-connected, living, breathing sexual being. The synergy blows their minds.

Tom jerks himself as his body enters an erotic trance. Dr. Wolf seems intent on literally banging the boy’s spunk out of him. He pounds harder and faster, almost relentlessly. The entire bed shakes. Sweat pours from the doctor’s forehead. Tom gasps helplessly, desperate to take every inch of the doctor’s massive meat.

Dr. Wolf explodes inside Tom, firing off load after load of semen into the diminutive boy’s heaving stomach.