Marco Lorenzo & Tommy Taylor: Raw

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Tommy takes a short break, pulling out and leaning forward to throat Marco’s cock some more before the two move to the edge of the bed. Marco gets into a modified doggy-style position with Tommy standing behind him. Tommy plunges back into Marco’s ass and is back up to speed in no time.

We rarely encourage our scene partners to indulge in internal cumshots (regardless of how much they beg), because we know most of our members want to see the evidence. However, in this case, Tommy and Marco had so much passionate chemistry, and we’ve heard several of you asking for a good internal nut, so we decided to let Tommy shoot his load deep into Marco’s ass. We watch as Tommy fucks his way to climax, pumping ropes of cum deep into Marco’s hole. Tommy pulls out and we watch as his cum leaks out of Marco’s ass.

Marco and Tommy climb back onto the bed. Marco nurses on Tommy’s cock as Marco strokes himself to climax. Tommy leans in to help clean up the mess Marco has made, and the two share a cummy kiss.